Site Stat Strides

Hello dear friends, this is Wes. We have just hit 1,000,000 views here on Aquarius Channelings,  and while some may not see this as much of a feat or anything to brag about, I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has continued to follow this site every day, even when times did not permit me to always be here.

It seems clear that events are heating up and we are vastly headed into the final timelines wherein we finally begin to experience all of the wondrous and harmonious changes that we have been working toward, some of us for decades in our current Lives and all of us for thousands of Lives within this Earth sphere.

Thank you all for the continued support that has been given and for the continued interest in this site as well. Some may not see 1,000,000 hits as a big feat, but it permits me to look back upon how this site was established and the history of it, in happiness. 🙂

Much Love 🙂


  1. ~Joy!…in a the Space withIn a Year,Ur Site has Exchanged a Great Amount of Energy!…All the Best 2 Ya,rawanderer…May this remainder of 2012 offer Us with Further Blessings of Healing of Upgradements and Heartfilled Amazements~


  2. Awesome job! You are bringing great information to the world. Even though you don’t feel our love and support through hugs and pats on the back we are here support you.


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