Radio Ann – 31 October 2011 – Council of Twelve – Trick of treat!

Hello. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say that Halloween is a wonderful day! The veils are thin. Can you feel the presence of unseen friends? We are here. That’s friends, by the way. Not fiends!

We think Halloween customs are great fun, especially the zombie and ghost costumes. The ones filled with gore and fake blood are particularly amusing. This is because death is not scary, it’s fun! You’ll all have a great time with your transition – when the time comes – and for now, it’s good to make fun of the illusion of death. 

Children have a need to grapple with the concept of a transitory physical body. Halloween is helpful in this regard. It’s a way of facing one’s fears. The reality of death is that it’s LIFE. You’ll be restored to your youthful selves, your true selves, your wise and enlightened selves. In the meantime, enjoy your “real” life, which is more of an illusion than you know.

Costume yourselves as ordinary people. Maybe no one will see through your disguise, except us – who see the real you. You are beings of light, playing Halloween every day. Trick or treat, indeed. Love, the Council.


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