Our Actions do Not Define Who we Are

I feel I must write about this now, before you all, as writing has proved for me to be a great way to work out energy-blockages in myself. If I have an issue that isn’t too personal, I find writing about it helps me work it out, before the very eyes of you all, my wonderful and supporting friends. I would like to think a bit today about the roles we are all playing in our planetary ascension. We are all obviously helping in our own ways, and one person’s way should never be considered better or worse than another’s, in my opinion. Even those who take on darker roles in these times, are still serving a greater role for the Light whether they realize it or not. Obviously we are all growing past the influence of the dark, and so the clearly manipulative tactics the dark uses against us are beginning to be recognized and exposed by us Lightworkers.

This is a very good thing, and it says a lot about our evolution as a collective. It also says something about those dark souls that use the manipulative tactics we are growing out of. Obviously, if we were in a place where we would accept such manipulations in the first place, then we needed to have the ‘yang to our yin’ – we needed to have those souls who would perform such actions so we could learn not to fall for them. It is a reflection – a lesson for us to grow past. The next lesson in that series would of course, be to forgive the souls perpetrating such manipulation. Because as said above, we needed them! We needed to experience the manipulation those souls were pumping out, so we could learn not to fall for them and their tactics. Therefore, even that soul who was consciously performing dark and manipulative actions, was still working for the Light in that they were subconsciously showing us what to grow away from, what not to follow and let ourselves be influenced by. As we have been told, every soul is of the Light, even those who take pride in ‘being of the dark’. 

Perhaps some of you have heard of our collective ‘dark night of the soul’. This is the darkness in all of us, that we have carried and sheltered deep down for a very long time, that needs exposed and transmuted if we are to grow to the higher dimensions. This is where the ‘elites’ or the ‘dark cabal’ on our world fits in to the bigger picture. Many may not yet be ready to believe this, but we actually needed those souls to show us our collective darkness on the world stage. That obviously does not excuse their actions or the fact that they are still trying to cling to power, but I think we can all agree that without a karmic collective of ‘darkly’ inclined souls to show us the darkness we were doing to ourselves and others, we would be in a very bad place right now. If you are not yet ready to believe this, then that is fine. Our friends will go a long way in explaining everything when the long-awaited announcements come to fruition.

I would also like to ponder a bit, my own role in all of this. I mean not to be egotistical, but my pondering of my personal role in these times is where the energy block is coming from inside of myself. As a child (yes, walk-ins experience and remember the childhood of the soul who’s body they are inhabiting) I remember my parents making me do things, as a parental influence can never be argued with, ever, ever, ever.

You have to go to school.

You have to do your homework.

You have to do your extra-curricular activity.

You have to listen to us.

You have to do whatever we say.

Why? Because we are the parents, and you are the child.

It is, in my eyes, conditioning. And this conditioning was not just limited to parents, it became that a child must listen to teachers, to family members, to any adult.

You listen to and respect adults. You do what adults have to say.

We are the adults, and you are the child.

I think you all get the point. As a child, it made me feel like less of a person. It made me feel like I must bow down and listen to anybody who was bigger than me. I have heard that this strict, I’m the parent and you’re the child, and you must listen to me mindset was adopted right after the fall of Atlantis. So much fear was being perpetrated, that people didn’t know what to think or believe and so, many strict measurements were adopted. For me personally, this feeling like less of a person and having to basically bow down to my ‘Masters’ left a bit of a scar, that I am still dealing with today.

I’m sorry if you feel I am exaggerating a bit here, but I am just going by how I felt and still feel. These happenings left a scar that I am still dealing with, and this is where my perception of my role in these times causes the energy block. Now, I am running and overseeing a wonderful spiritual blog that many souls enjoy and learn from. Though nearly everybody in my family would think me nothing less than insane if they were to ever see this blog or any of my spiritual commentary, I still run and oversee this blog happily as I feel I am doing my part in aiding Earth’s ascension. I am in telepathic contact with ascended and extraterrestrial beings, and I am able to scribe their messages and post them on this blog for others to enjoy and learn from. I am also able to give people my version of a ‘reading’ with their personal Ascended Masters and Guides, and I have even brought through the words of a deceased Loved one that has greatly aided and comforted the souls who I was able to do this for. Without trying to sound egotistical, I feel I am doing a lot and helping aid our collective ascension and many souls’ personal ascension processes.

Even still, I am dealing with the aforementioned issues that tend to hold me back in helping others and myself. I can be very strict when it comes to updating my blog and giving readings, to the point that it gets in the way of me feeling the help I am giving others, it gets in the way of me feeling happy about what I am doing for the collective of Earth. I tend to be comfortable with the mindset of, ‘I have to post on my blog today.’

I have to get a least a few posts going, so people visit here.

I have to channel a message today, as it has been too long.

I have to give a reading today, as my list is backed up and I need to clear some of the requests.

I have to do two or three readings today, as I did not do one yesterday and would not want to disappoint anyone.

I have to post my own commentary on what is going on, as I do not want my blog to simply reflect the posting of other sites.

As should be clear to any who read this, these mindsets I am still very much infatuated with grow from the same roots of the ‘have to’ mindsets that were thrust upon me as a child. These are my own problems, and I will deal with them in my own time and in my own ways, and talking about them on here is one way I am able to at least expose the energy knot, so I can begin to untangle it and be of greater service to you wonderful souls. I am sure I am not the only one dealing with these types of issues, and I have always seemed to naturally be drawn to souls who deal with the same issues.

I know that my mindsets are based in ego, albeit a very convincing ego. I tend to personally put myself on a pedestal.

It all depends on how one sees oneself, and for me this energy blockage that is fueled by my ‘have to’ mindsets come from me seeing myself in the wrong light. We are all Divine Love in physical manifestation. We are all Divine. We are all Love and Light. We are all highly-advanced souls experiencing the low and dense vibrations of Earth. The problem is, that is not how I always see myself.

As I said above, I tend to put myself up on a pedestal sometimes. Instead of knowing that I am Divine Love in physical manifestation, I tend to zoom-in a little bit and only look at my ego-self. When I say my ego-self, I do not mean those parts of me that are still based in darkness, as while ego can fuel those things, they are not ego alone. No, ego is our expression of our Earthly selves, the collective and individual ‘us’ that is being expressed on Earth. Ego does not have to be bad, and at it’s most hollowed-out expression it is not. However, when I look upon my ego-self and my ego-self alone, those destructive mindsets kick in that tend to hold me back. When I look at my ego-self, I see a person with a spiritual blog. I see a person who is helping others, who is channeling messages and giving readings. I tend to define myself by those labels, which is where I am held back.

Before discovering spirituality, before really feeling and knowing the advanced soul that is me, I defined myself differently. I was very infatuated with marijuana, not for spiritual reasons but because it felt good and I felt cool smoking it. I built my ego up, I defined myself as a typical ‘stoner’. Everywhere I went, anybody I talked with, I tried to work pot into the conversation so they would know I smoked the stuff, so they would know that I partook. I would listen to stoner-type music, watch stoner-type movies, and define myself solely on the fact that I smoked pot. Obviously, those are completely and totally ego-based mindsets, and I have since grown out of them. Or have I?

Now, I still deal with the same egotistical patterns, but I express them in new ways. Now, instead of trying to define myself as a ‘stoner’ I tend to define myself as an influential person, somebody with something to prove to someone, though what that is or who I am trying to prove it to I know not. This is where those ‘have-to’ patterns of mind kick in for me, as I feel that if I do not update the blog, channel a message or do a reading, then I am somehow not who my ego tries to define me as. If I do not channel a message or do a reading, suddenly I am not Wes Annac. Suddenly I am somebody else, and I feel that I have somehow let myself or others down. I feel like I am not a Divine soul, not an ascension-helper or ground-crew member.  What I still have to realize fully is that we are all Divine souls, and our actions do not define who we are. Even the actions of the dark souls on our world do not define who they are at their cores, rather the Love and Light in dense manifestation that even they are, define who they are. And the same goes for everyone else, including me. I know this, but knowing is only one step toward feeling. When I feel fully that I am a Divine soul no matter what I do, I will be able to get rid of those ‘have to’ mindsets that come from me not feeling ‘good enough’ on the inside.

Ok, thank you for letting me get that off my chest! Much Love all 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wes Annac


  1. Dear Wes,
    I relate to what you have just said. You do not need to worry, but don’t don’t forget that you can forgive your parents, forgive yourself and please don’t forget that you are still human. The lessons, no matter how much we understand, continue.
    Love and love,


    • Thank you dearly Chris, your words are very encouraging. My parents are good people, they are just a bit stuck in the same mental and emotional box that many are stuck on. They will awaken in their own time, and I Love them. 🙂


  2. Dear Wes,
    It almost could have been me writing that. “Almost,” because although I’ve been working/releasing (ad nauseum! LOL) many of the elements in me that you describe, I hadn’t come close to configuring them as … a bicycle wheel comes to mind. As something that could be seen as a hub, with many spokes holding the wheel and momentum of these parts of my life stubbornly in place.
    For me, the beauty of the linking you do (one of the beauties!) is that now, as I’ve become more efficient at handling some “spokes” than others, I can start on a more practiced ego-release, trace it back to the hub and maybe get a better grip on what was an invisibly-related spoke from a different angle.

    I also want to say that I deeply appreciate your take on one way for us to increase our ease in “forgiving” the cabal. (The venom in me really startled me the other day, when I walked out my door and saw a sky heavily criss-crossed with chemtrails. I was like a bucket of acid rain, inside, for more than an hour!)

    peace and thanks!



    • Thank you for your comment and your compliments Ruth. I am glad you are able to relate to what I posted. I wish you much luck and ease on your journey in handling your spokes!! Wonderful analogy 🙂 🙂 Much Love 🙂


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