Self-indulgent fitness posts: The journey

It is possible to transform your body, but nothing worth having comes easy. The two pictures below were taken many years apart and represent two totally different stages in my life. I never, ever thought I would be where I am now. It has taken so much commitment, sacrifice and hard work to get to this point – but I was never actually trying to get here.

I never looked toward a certain physique as an end goal or something I hoped to achieve; I was just working out day after day because I love it, and watching what I eat because it feels better to not be controlled by food.

I was (and still am) all-in for the journey, with no destination in mind. If I can make it this far on the workout path with no real fitness goals, then you can do anything you are willing to commit to and make sacrifices for. It won’t be easy – but that’s what makes it fun.

Much love!

Wes Annac 🙂


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