AnnacTok: Leg Day

Another great leg day!! I’ve become so much more consistent with my leg workouts these past few months. I’m proud of that because as the stereotype goes, most people skip leg day. 🏋️ 😎

Today, my max weight for each activity was 230lbs on the leg press; 70 on the leg extension machine; 90 on the leg curl machine; and 70 on the squat rack. 70lbs is low for squats, but I’m starting slow and working my way gradually to a higher weight.

I also did a few sets of crunches, which of course is a core workout, not leg, and some cable curls (a bicep workout) at about 30lbs for each arm.

I did everything about 4 times, with reps ranging from 12-20, and skipped my 5th set (which is typically a cooldown set) cuz I ran out of time. 😅

Overall, I’m happy with my progress so far. Coming soon: bulging leg muscles. 😂😂

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