Update: What I’m Working on Now

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share a quick update since I haven’t published any articles or videos for about a week. My progress with making content has been slower than I expected since the year began, but I have a few things I’m working on that I’m excited to share with you.

I’m still writing and recording Wild American East, my Red Dead Redemption 2 playthrough & blog series, but that has been an especially slow endeavor. I’m hoping to have episode 4 out soon enough, but for now, I wouldn’t hold your breath. All in good time.

I continue to write for Openhearted Rebellion; I may post an article here before I post the next RDR2 episode. I plan to write a lot for OHRB and the Annac Blog this year, and I’ll be making more TikTok videos about fitness, gaming or whatever inspires me on any given day.

So, between the two blogs and my TikTok (@wesannac) & YouTube channels, there will be lots of places for you to find lots of content from me this year. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for pics and short status updates. Again, progress is slowed to a crawl right now. But soon, I will shake off the cobwebs and get back to doing what I love: making stuff for all you awesome folks.

Much love!

Wes Annac 🙂✌️


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