Outlaw Journalin’ – Wild American East (Red Dead Redemption 2) Episode 3

Here we are, back with our outlaw gang in this snowy hellscape to which we have fled. The interesting thing about these mountains (the Colter camp in particular) is that their vibe is dingy and depressing while the landscape is gorgeous. It is an interesting parallel between the harshness and natural beauty of the wilderness, and it mirrors the gang’s relatively hopeful spirit in the face of such rough circumstances.

When we last left our anti-heroes, we had rescued John Marston the Wolf Man after his legendary encounter with the mean doggos that tore into his face. It was a story the fans all agreed was an awesome and completely necessary way to explain his mysterious scar. (I liked the story, for what it’s worth…)

John was lost in the mountains after Dutch sent him and Micah to scout ahead. He was then attacked by wolves, who un-alived his horse and jacked up his face. By the time Arthur and Javier found him, he was facing certain death.

Now, with the first two missions in the game complete, we get to move around and explore for the first time.

Read the rest here: http://annacblog.com/2022/11/08/rdr2hunting/


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