John Marston’s Mountain Adventure – Wild American East (Red Dead Redemption 2) Episode 2

Welcome back! I hope you’ve been as excited as I have to continue playing this incredible game. To recap: for this series, I am playing through Red Dead Redemption 2, recording my gameplay for a Let’s Play that will accompany these posts; and summarizing the story missions + my open-world shenanigans as I share a few thoughts on it all.

When we last joined our anti-heroes, which incidentally was the first time we joined them; we were fleeing desperately from the law after failing miserably to rob a boat carrying tons of cash. We were lost in the mountains in a crazy blizzard until we found an abandoned mining town and a homestead – which we managed to burn down. We also took on a new mouth to feed: the woman who lived in the home, whose husband was un-alived by our rival gang, the O’Driscolls.

This is a low point for Dutch’s Boys, but we’ve found shelter and we’re aware that our enemies are in the mountains with us. Plus, we have a little food and some provisions. Things could be worse.

Now, the day after we looted and burned down our new widow friend’s home (whoopsie), Arthur will ride out to look for the protagonist and player character from the first Red Dead Redemption. That’s right – John Marston is lost in the mountains and his baby-momma is worried.

Read the rest and watch my gameplay here:


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