3 Easy Ways to Kickstart Finding Your Purpose


By Nikki Harper, Wake Up World

Unless you’re one of the lucky souls who came into this world already knowing what you were born to do, finding your purpose isn’t always easy. Some never find it; many don’t find seem to find it until their later years. And let’s face it, the very process of finding it is daunting in itself – what, are we supposed to go and sit on a blunt peak, Tony Hancock style, and ruminate until ‘it’ becomes clear? Not terribly practical.

For most of us, in reality, finding your purpose involves first finding your passion, and then figuring out how you can use that passion or develop it into something meaningful.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can start to discover your passions, and by extension your purpose – and they don’t take years. These four simple methods will kickstart you in the right direction. You won’t emerge knowing your true purpose at last, but you will emerge, hopefully, with a the seed of an idea which you can then expand and develop.

These methods also work as a kind of creative brainstorming for other situations too – maybe you’re wanting to start a new hobby, learn something new, start a new business or refine a dissertation idea. Whenever you need to discover what really interests, fascinates and inspires you, these may help.

1. Intuitive Web Searching

Yes, this is a thing. Intuitive web searching is kinda like letting your mind wander at will, but with added prompts.

Set aside 15-2o minutes and get comfy with your browser of choice. Most people find it easiest to start with a website such as Wikipedia or an online encyclopedia. First up, choose a starting page. Wikipedia and most encyclopedias have a ‘show me a random page’ type tool, which can be a fun way to start. Or have a quick browse through Wikipedia’s portal pages or the main categories in another site, and quickly choose something which catches your eye. Don’t spend too long on this, you should be on your start page in under a minute.

From your start page, scan read, and quickly click on anything which grabs your interest or attention. Even the most random page, on a topic you have no interest in, will have something that grabs you, even if it’s just an image or a place name.

On your new page, scan and again quickly click on something interesting. Rinse and repeat at least a dozen times, quickly, without giving it too much conscious thought.

You should now find yourself on a page or in an area of the web that genuinely interests you.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2021/02/22/3-easy-ways-to-kickstart-finding-your-purpose/


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