How We Can Accelerate a New Conscious Paradigm


By Paul Lenda, Wake Up World

Now that 2020 is behind us, we can use our hindsight to make conscious decisions on what we want, both individually and collectively, for the future present.

The levels of awakening right now are massive, and larger than I have ever seen them in the 15 years I have been closely observing the collective consciousness. The choice point we are at right now allows us to lay down the blueprint of what kind of world we want to see, and one where everyone thrives.

We are the strongest when we are united. We have the strongest energy that will produce results quicker the more people focused on the same outcome there are. This is the time to connect with others who also have the intention of ushering in, and co-creating, a new conscious paradigm. This is a time to create networks, both tangible and intangible.

Our network is our grid. The more we unite the collective, the further our intentions go in their impact. This leads to outcomes manifesting quicker. We saw in 2020 how quickly things could change when there is enough collective energy focused on something, even if it is fear-based. Every person on Earth acts as a conscious participant in the unfolding of a collectively shared reality. Just as our collective consciousness can be manipulated to manifest a malevolent agenda, it can also manifest a benevolent one.

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