The Last Veil Called “I”



By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

What to do during lockdown, quarantine, social isolation, etc.?

I’d highly recommend meditation. But I have no depth of background in meditation so I can’t speak to it. I do plan to meditate more myself, given the isolating conditions.

But what about during the time when we’re not meditating? How to “make best use of the time,” as meditation master S.N. Goenka would say?

I recommend self-awareness. And I do feel I have a background here.

What’s so special about self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-knowledge, self-realization?

Longtime readers will know that it relates to the purpose of life. (1)

The purpose of life for us, as I was shown in a 1987 vision, is to realize our true identity. (2) Our true identity is God.

Each time one of us realizes her or himself, God meets God. For this meeting God created this whole world of form, this reincarnational school of spiritual evolution and Self-Realization.

Pursuing the path of self-awareness, we make ourselves the laboratory, the experiment, the experimental subject, and so on.

We make hypotheses about our own behavior and test them out. What happens when you smile at people?  What happens when you ask people something warmly? Nicely?

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