A Matter of the Will….

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

To say that all action is a matter of the will is simplistic, in my opinion.

Yes, at a very general level, the statement is true but it masks the fact that all kinds of influences play upon the will – what the Buddha generically called cravings and aversions, wants and want nots.

We sometimes say “our will is weak” on such and such a matter. It isn’t that our will is weak. We’ve been persuaded that some other course of action is more advisable. Our will is strong on not acting in this instance.

I look at my will at any one point in time and, while I no longer have Constant Comment, still, when I propose an action, a chorus of voices will arise. I do not have a clear connection to my Self or Higher Self or anything beyond myself.

Therefore I lack certainty about what I’m doing. That affects the strength of my will.

I also have rejected the male model of will and so I’m in unfamiliar territory and that impacts the flavor and stability of my will.

I still have residual behavior patterns going off around hostility (suspiciousness, reclusiveness, self-righteousness) and that again colors my will and channels it counter to where I now want it to go. So there is cognitive dissonance following the introduction of a new paradigm (harmony over hostility).

I just realized: Will and the observer are the same. Or it may be more accurate to say that will is a faculty, an ability of the observer. Until now I’ve been trying to locate the will. I see now that it’s located in the Higher Self, the watcher or observer.

Now that I’ve located it, let me settle down to feel my way into it and explore it….


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