For the Love of Philosophy

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Ahhhh, philosophy! Distinctions, definitions….

I’ve become clear on what I choose my mission to be in relation to building Nova Earth.

I want to create a philosophical literature that allows us to both adapt to and engender the changes associated with Ascension.

Those could be changes in attitude, abilities, knowledge, technology, anything. But how to ride the wave of change is what I’ll be concentrating on.

I’ve just laid out in one book pointers on using and adapting to paradigmatic breakthrough and paradigm shift. (1)

The next book I’d like to do is on service-to-self, the self-serving bias, egocentrism, whatever one wishes to call it.

And after that….


What I want to communicate here is that, on deciding that philosophy was the area of building Nova Earth I wanted to concentrate on, I felt deep satisfaction.  The thought came that I had at last arrived. Yes, this is it.

I take the arrival of deep satisfaction as a sure indication that I’m on target regarding my mission.

I didn’t do anything to arrive at deep satisfaction save to choose what I love doing.

I say this to point out the impact of finding (A) what you love and (B) your mission, which are one and the same. The impact is to feel deeply satisfied. One can use that as a test for whether or not what we’ve found is our mission.

Everyone loves what they love. I love categorizing, defining, finding patterns. I love learning. I love philosophy.

Knowing this, why would I do something else?

But you can’t just pass this something that you love in the car and point it out to your parents. You have to stop and stay a while and get to know the subject. And then act on that knowledge.

That’s what I’m seeing about myself in any case. Don’t forget that I always have in the back of my mind preparing for post-Reval work, which will be challenging.

I hope by now you get the distinct impression that growth work never ends. On the awareness path, I maintain awareness of myself. I push my edges. I explore new pathways. It goes on continuously, on all levels.

In addition, I also ply the path of service. The awareness path enhances all other disciplines.

The book is done. Time for a walk in the park … but the learning never stops.


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