Matt Kahn: Your invitation is Simply to Love what you can Authentically Love

By Matt Kahn, Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Each moment of tension is an opportunity to love the one who is hurt, heartbroken, confused, lonely, ashamed, fearful, overwhelmed or disappointed.

When it comes to love, your invitation is simply to love what you can authentically love.

This can often mean choosing to love the one affected by life, not necessarily loving (or even liking) the events in view. In my book “Whatever Arises Love That”, the “That” I refer to is your innocence of heart, not the circumstances at hand. If you can love things on the outside, then authentic love will arise naturally. If not, this is life’s way of returning your focus to the pain within you, as the primary place your love is meant to be sent. The more often love is sent to you, the more it ripples outward to include all hearts through the law of unity consciousness.

All for Love,




  1. What happened to Wes? Is he still running the site, or did he hand it off to another manager? Just curious. It’s a quirky site, but it’s usually worth checking out.


    • Hello, Dana! This is Wes. I’m still around, and I plan to resume writing/posting to this blog in the weeks ahead. A few months ago, I started a 5 am shift at my dayjob, which sadly left me too exhausted to contribute anything of any value to this blog. I’m off that shift now, and I’m excited to share more writings very soon. Thank you for sticking with us! Much love 🙂 🙂


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