Truth Shift

By Mike Cupo,

The shift that occurs in an awakening is the inner opening of the heart which allows the truth from within to arise. When this occurs where you would once look only on the surface you now look within.

People think they change when they learn something new, but the essence of what is truly happening is there’s a discovery of what has always been there. It’s not really a change that occurs, it’s a shift from delusional surface thinking with the shift being an understanding of the true nature of life; starting with looking inward at your own mind.

You cannot know truth if you do not know yourself, and you cannot know yourself if you do not know your own mind. The reason why it’s so difficult for the heart to open so you can live differently is because the mind will not settle down without a struggle. Your mind will tell you to look on the surface to get by in life as long as it’s thought to be pleasurable…

Self investigation is not pleasurable especially when it’s first started and that’s why many are hesitant to do it. It’s much easier and pleasurable not to investigate and do what is familiar, but there are only benefits when an honest self appraisal is done. A step into the unfamiliar will need to be taken so you can get to know the truth of who you aren’t.

The mind defaults naturally to what’s familiar because it’s what’s on the surface, but an honest self appraisal allows for truth to be revealed and rise to the surface, this way truth becomes what is familiar.

When truth is what’s on the surface, what happens is the veil of ignorance is removed and where you were once blind you can now see.

It’s not a change, it’s a shift that allows truth to be revealed because you are only seeing what has always been there…

Image: Pixabay

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  1. Reblogged this on Awaken Lifeform and commented:
    The mind rewrites reality from programmed informations, so an artificial reality can be placed into humans. Mass media is the key to infuse whole groups of people with something that isn’t there. Intuition is the key to double check it for the truth behind.


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