Tune In Tomorrow: Wes Annac on Heightened Life Podcast

Tomorrow, I’ll be on the Heightened Life podcast with Amanda Goins. Tune in for a great conversation!

“Music, has continually been one of the most powerful, and transformative aspects of my life. My first memories are filled with song. Join me tomorrow, for the premiere of a new podcast, with special guest Wes Annac, where we will be discussing living a love-centered lifestyle, the impact that music has had in our lives, and other fun topics. It’s going to be fun!

“If you have missed any of the previous podcasts, you can check them out here: http://heightenedlife.buzzsprout.com

“Have a great Monday!” ~ Amanda

While you’re here: I also had a chat this week with Harmony Lorraine Fronterhouse on her YouTube show, Tea Time With Harmony. If you like that video, subscribe to her channel (WildcraftWellness) and check out the other awesome interviews she’s done over there.


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