Respect the Process

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebellion

Since I’m home all day and have a lot more time to write, I’ve been thinking about the kind of dedication and respect the craft demands. It does not seem to be a talent you can develop easily. Even if you have a knack for it, the journey from writing poorly to writing well is long and sometimes painful.

These days, I see the creative process in a different light than when I first started. I used to shudder at the thought of writer’s block, but now, I understand that writing is supposed to be hard. It is meant to make you struggle and strive for improvement.

It is also meant to be a fun, cathartic way to express yourself while emptying your heart of all those heavy feelings that can weigh you down. There have been times when, if I didn’t write down what I was going through, I would’ve carried the weight of all my anxiety and stress until my knees buckled.

Some days, the last thing I want is to spend hours fighting this uphill battle. Other days, the words spill out at a pace I can barely follow. Overall, the process is fun, arduous, and therapeutic all at once.

Writing is funny that way. At times it is your ally, and others, your rival. It tests and frustrates you, all in the spirit of helping you improve. The hard days strengthen your resolve and help you find your weak spots, while the easy days remind you why you wanted to write in the first place.

This applies to music, too. When I was younger, I played the guitar a lot. Learning and writing songs was a constant struggle, but I kept going because I loved making music. It helped that I had so many friends who played. We all encouraged each other.

Looking back, I had respect for the craft and I was willing to work hard at it. Now, I use that as inspiration for my writing and what little music I still play. If I’m not struggling a little, then I’m not getting anywhere.

This brings me to the point of this rant: to write well, you must respect the process. Sometimes, it will appear to be your foe. But it only taunts you to help you get better.

It might not feel helpful when you’re stuck with nothing to say, but on some level, you need that struggle. What would be the point of writing if it never challenged you? That would be like using cheat codes on a video game because you don’t want to try.

It feels good to have something push you to consistently be the best version of yourself. You feel accomplished when you can push that boulder uphill another day, knowing it will get lighter the more you push. For me, it helps that there are people out there who get something positive from these articles.

I’m amazed that anyone reads this blog and even more amazed that it has helped people. If you choose to share your writings online or with friends and family, their positive feedback and constructive criticism can inspire you all the more.

I’m glad I no longer look at writing the way I once did. It is supposed to be an uphill climb, but with each day you practice, you will get a little better. Eventually, your writing will be unrecognizable compared to when you started and thought you would never make anything good.

With any skill, it takes small steps and struggles to get where you want to be. Most people give up when they see how hard it is, but for the few who persevere, it is rewarding beyond measure. Just respect the process, show up every day, and try to put a lot of love into your work.

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About Wes Annac:

I’m a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, love, awareness, activism, and other crazy stuff. I run Openhearted Rebellion – a blog dedicated to sharing wisdom and encouraging a revolution that begins in the heart.

I also run Canna Words – a blog in which I share some of my research and opinions on cannabis. There, I write about everything from legalization to hemp and the various ways people use the cannabis plant.

I’ve contributed to a few awesome websites that include Waking Times, Wake Up World, Golden Age of Gaia, and The Master Shift. I can be found on Facebook (facebook.com/wesannac, facebook.com/cultureofawareness) and Twitter (twitter.com/Wes_Annac, https://twitter.com/love rebellion)

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