How to Wake Up to Who You Really Are


By Paul Lenda, Wake Up World

Most people are sleepwalking through life. They either identify solely with this 3D reality or they believe in a vague sort of afterlife that is given to them if they behave well enough while they are alive. To wake up to who you really are, you need to go within and stop focusing so much on the external.

Even some “spiritual” people are not aware of what their true essence is. Enlightenment doesn’t come from reading books or chanting mantras…it comes from Self-realization.

What is Self-realization? It is the awakening of the awareness that you really are a Source fractal using a physical avatar as a way to interact with the densest plane of Reality. You are in a simulated universe that is a playground for experiential existence and soul evolution. While you definitely have a body, you are not your body.

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