Inner Peace Within?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Credit: Imtek Imagineering

One-hundred and seventy-six people had their lives snuffed out recently, over … well, it doesn’t really matter where. (1)

And it isn’t the only loss of life today. Catastrophes and tragedies are happening all over and on a scale that is unprecedented – witness the false flags in Australia and China.

I’d like to see killing on this planet stop in all its manifestations. I’d like there to be peace, everywhere on Earth.

However, as within, so without. If there’s an absence of peace without – that is, in my world – there must also be an absence of peace within.

Let me look.

Yes, I feel a deep vein of aggression. So an absence of peace? Yes. It draws on a well of suppressed rage.  Yes, very deep.

First formed I see in the crib when I was tied to its walls each night and wheeled into the kitchen to wail. I had excema and my parents needed sleep so they tied my arms to the crib so I couldn’t scratch and left me in the kitchen. I learned to rage – and suppress it.

At that point it was rage at my two parents, but in later life it became focused against the emotional and physical abuse of my father.

After learning karate, I no longer had to suppress myself.  But the residue of abuse is still there and feels like a volcano waiting to go off.

I once felt the volcano explode in 1986, when I discovered I was dissociated and remembered why. (2)  That rage lasted three weeks.

I switch into the upset clearing process and invite the experience of the volcanic energy to come up. But it doesn’t come up right away.

The more suppressed a person is, the more the build-up of rageful energy. We just go deeper and deeper into rage as the suppression continues, resenting, scheming, and resisting.

I meditate on the energy. I feel lifetime after lifetime of suppression of one type or another. Every prior age had some mechanism of suppression associated with it.  I feel the weight of it all.

Releasing the energy is like releasing the Hoover Dam

Now suppressed rage is coming up. I experience it. I observe it. I just “be with it” until it completes itself.

I invoke the Law of Elimination and Sanat Kumara to have this volcanic rage removed. Please send the energy back to the Mother for recycling.

I no longer need it. I’m complete with it.

I see that rage covers peace. When rage leaves, it reveals the peace that was always there, beneath it.

I now feel peace.


(1) Danielle Wallace, “Ukrainian plane carrying 176 crashes outside Tehran, killing all on board,” Fox News, Jan. 9, 2020, at

(2) When I was seven, my Dad yelled at me from inches away from my face and I shattered into a thousand pieces. It was only when my then girlfriend said to me in 1986, “Do you know you have the profile of an abused child,” that two sides of me arose and said, “Yes.” And then looked at each other as if to say, “Who are you?” I then knew I had two sides to myself, one of which only I knew. It still wasn’t until 2004 that the two sides of me fused back together and I knew I was no longer dissociated.


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  1. Reblogged this on Awaken Lifeform and commented:
    Abused by a talking mind, pushed into 260 degree stress to keep us under control. We and our society is wrapped together to keep us away from inner peace. Caused by a partly brain running in overclock mode to solve the world by thinking. Time to awake….


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