Loving Thoughts to Wuhan

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Our loving thoughts go out to everyone in Wuhan, all others in China, and anyone else in the world affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, this latest human catastrophe.

It joins Australia and Indonesia in the spotlight of the world’s attention.

I personally cannot recall a time, short of war, when so many catastrophes were facing humanity.

Our reaction is to do all we can to save the people – and animals – or alleviate their suffering.

And to remain balanced and level-headed.

Take the Wuhan outbreak, for instance. Whatever arises out of it, lightworkers will be needed in all positions and at all levels who can remain calm and balanced. When others are crying for help, there have to be those who are capable of rendering it.

But whatever our role in addressing the catastrophes happening today, our hearts are saddened by the utter calamity that has struck so many people.

Please continue with us to meditate for eight minutes at 8:00 local time for all the innocent people distressed in our world because of calamities and catastrophes.


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