10 Ways to Find Joy in Mundane, Boring Tasks


By Nikki Harper, Wake Up World

Let’s be honest: some parts of life are pretty boring. Household chores, for example, for most people, are irritating and tedious. Even if you love your job, the more mundane aspects of it will typically find you sighing and procrastinating.

From your working life to your family life, everyone has a set of regular tasks they must do but for which they really struggle to work up any enthusiasm. We may still do them, but probably resentfully. Or we may not do them at all, and they slip further and further down the to-do list until they take up so much headspace that they turn into double the problem they once were.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

There are many easy, simple ways to find joy in the most mundane and boring of tasks. Some of them are practical hacks, some of them are more of a mindset shift, but all of them will help you power through those routine jobs with less stress and more enjoyment.

6 Easy Ways to Handle a Boring Task

1 Do It First

Our natural instinct is to put off the jobs we don’t enjoy doing, while we focus on things which we think are more fun or more worthwhile or more important, or ideally all three. Nobody’s doing to suggest that sorting the laundry is more fun or more important than working on your business strategy or taking your kids out to play, but it is necessary, and if you leave it until last, all the time, then you’ll create extra work for yourself. If something is reasonably quick to do and can physically be done first, do it first. You know you’re still going to do the important/worthwhile/fun stuff later, because you’ll make sure you do. So, get the mundane task you’re dreading out of the way.

2 Reward Yourself When You’re Done

If you’re having to do something you really hate doing, motivate yourself with a reward at the end of the process – and don’t cheat! It may sound cheesy, but self-rewards do tend to work. If you really don’t want to clean the bathroom, the prospect of 20 minutes doing something you love afterwards may just make the difference.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2020/01/17/10-ways-to-find-joy-in-mundane-boring-tasks/


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