Think You Can’t Meditate? 4 Tips to Help You


By Nikki Harper, Wake Up World

Meditation is known to bring enormous benefits to our lives. Numerous studies have shown that it can help to boost creativity, calm anxiety, increase productivity and lower blood pressure – and it’s also one of the best ways to create a more spiritual approach to daily life. But not everyone finds it easy – in fact, starting a daily meditation practice can be quite a challenge. If you’ve tried but think you “can’t meditate”, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you get going.

1. Think Little, But Often

Many beginners to meditation think they simply don’t have time to meditate – who can afford to give up half an hour a day in these stressful, busy times? In truth, however, meditation doesn’t have to be done for very long at all in order to bring you benefits. You can start with as little as five minutes – the crucial thing is that you meditate every day.

Building up a habit of any kind takes practice, but recent informal research has shown that once you have meditated for 11 days in a row, you’re likely to keep going. Can you give up five minutes a day for 11 days? Yes, you can. And – as you can see below – you don’t even necessarily have to stop your daily tasks in order to meditate.

2. Meditation in Motion

Another common misconception is that you must sit still to meditate. Not so. You can enter a meditative state of mind while engaged in any routine task where you can safely allow your mind to wander. Meditate while you’re weeding the garden, or washing the dishes. Rhythmic, repetitive actions lend themselves especially well to mediation, so you could meditate while you’re walking or running. Think of a single word mantra such as “hope” or “peace” and simply silently repeat it with each step you take. Try to focus just on the word, and nothing else, and you’ll quickly enter a meditative state.

Some activities, such as tai chi, deliberately encourage a meditative state of mind while you repeat cycles of movements – look into this if you think it might suit you.

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