2020: A Year of Chaos and Great Opportunities


By Sergey Baranov, Wake Up World

In a same way that you would look at a glass of water and think it either half-empty or half-full, the year 2020 can be viewed in the same way. I see it as a great opportunity for healing and change. I will explain why, if you stay with me for a moment.

In Russia in 1915, right before the devastating, fateful Russian revolution of 1917, George Ivánovich Gurdjieff, a Caucasian mystic, was engaged in a conversation with Peter D. Ouspensky. Gurdjieff developed what is known as the “Fourth Way” system, which Ouspensky popularized in the West. Ouspensky recorded this conversation in his book In Search of the Miraculous.

In it, Gurdjieff claims that esoteric knowledge is material and, like any matter, is limited in quantity and quality at a given space and time. For example, he refers to the number of sand particles on the beach and amount of water in the ocean. Although these seem to be great in number, still this number is limited.  The same, he says, is the case with knowledge, and its quality depends on how much is taken from it. He uses gilding as an analogy to support his theory:

“If a certain amount of gold is taken in order to gild other objects and make them look like gold, the more objects there are to be gilded, the less gold will be given to each. If we will try to gild more objects, the objects will be covered unevenly and will look worse than objects that weren’t touched at all.” (Here and below, quoted in P. D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous, 1949)

We can observe this truth among the people who follow different gurus and teachings and think of themselves as very spiritual, different and even superior to the rest of humanity – but, in fact, they appear to be less connected, authentic and sensitive than a person who has never heard about spirituality. But I digress.

Gurdjieff continues: “And on the contrary, the fewer objects that need to be gilded, the more gold they will get. Thus, if a certain amount of knowledge is to be shared among millions of people, this will not be enough to change anything in their lives. As a result, we will lose the gold we originally had. The sharing of knowledge is based on the same principle. If it is given to all, no one gets anything. If it stays among a few, it will be enough not just for personal use but for increasing its supply. If a large amount of knowledge is concentrated in a small number of people, then it will bring great results. From this perspective it is more beneficial to keep the knowledge in a small circles and not spread it into the masses.”

This position can explain why esoteric knowledge was hidden in ancient times, available only to initiates. The Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece and Chavin Mysteries of ancient Peru come to mind. Another intention for hiding this knowledge could be to preserve and protect ancient traditions and rites. This reason relates more to the Christian era, when Christianity began eradicating competing spiritual practices both in Europe and in the Americas during the conquest. But the latter cause does not invalidate the former, and people could be trying to maintain the wholeness of their knowledge and prevent it from misinterpretation and diffusion. Apparently, wise people in ancient times understood this principle: If knowledge is shared among a few, great results can be expected.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2020/01/12/2020-a-year-of-chaos-and-great-opportunities/


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