Where’s the Party At?

By Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia

It’s New Year’s Eve at the end of an amazingly fast couple of decades. With all we’ve learned about how frequency and energy work, we can start 2020 with as clean a slate as we’ve been able to manage.

Do you remember all the times that we’ve been advised by our Friends in the Rafters to do our personal clearing work? This moment that we’ve arrived at now may be what they were always referring to.

I can recall reading somewhere that we truly only need to do perhaps 70% of that clearing work ourselves. What happens when we take that committed step into the fierce work of self-reflection is that a whole flood of loving support comes in to help wash away the rest.

That’s some very welcome Divine Dispensation, is it not? Before that happens though, we need to step up on our own behalf and courageously face the wounding we’ve carried for however long and for however many lifetimes.

Maybe now at this point, enough of us have done sufficient releasing work to have clarity about who we are and why we’re here…enough to significantly contribute to the Collective Divine Dispensation.

That feels like a pretty juicy thing to place our powerfully potent focus on right now. We’re doing this Ascension thing all together, and the more of us who’ve allowed Unity Consciousness into our bones, the closer we get to the often-contemplated Event.

Our ability to manifest has been ramped up recently, probably continuously. Since what we’re working towards and longing for is for Gaia and the Life she supports to Ascend to higher dimensions, we can set our powerful intention on that, and perhaps specifically:

  • Collective soul retreival and clarity ~ Soul loss occurs when some kind of trauma happens to the organism. It can be physical trauma as well as emotional, spiritual or mental, and a portion of our soul can fragment out to find a safer place to dwell. A Shaman will journey into other worlds with their animal ally to track the soul part and negotiate it’s capture and return. Humanity could use a good Sophianic def-frag. Can we bring that to fruition by collectively intending it? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say, “Yes!”
  • Compassion for those souls in the deeply light deficient camp ~ “There but for the grace of God go I” The truth of it is that many of us have been doing the Earth Journey for quite a few go-rounds. If there’s been a role to play, we’ve probably played it…both dark and light and all shades in-between. I’m immeasurably grateful that at this particular juncture, I’ve done my time as a Holder of Darkness. This time around and in this amazing Shift-of-the-Ages, I get to stand in the Light. The dark role is not an easy one, but it seems to have been one vital for this Earth experiment to play out. All work done in and for the dark ultimately serves the Light.
  • Communication and Contact with our Galactic brethren ~ Not much explanation needed here, but now we understand that it’s a matter of frequency for us to meet in more tangible ways with our Star Family.  Bring it on!
  • Financial relief in whatever form ~ Any mathematician or economist will tell you that the world financial position is untenable and has to collapse. Happily, there are those who’ve been working to build a new system so that when the old one implodes, the world will not be thrown into chaos. Well, any worse chaos than we experience now. There will indeed be a financial reset, and we can accelerate its arrival with our awesome manifesting abilities and high vibe. We focus on what we want to bring to fruition, and when our focus joins that of others…we’re literally unstoppable.

That’s a big Hooray! I reckon that there’s a great many of us in a similar position of committing our energetic resources to bring about The Event. Let’s do it.  We’re now tipping into a fresh New World of possibilities, and it’s a fabulous time to take the energy of Gratitude and use it to power our intentions for a truly ground-breaking entry into what’s next for us…

And what’s next for us is going to be really good, because we make it so…and we worked for it!

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