Breaking through to Endless Love

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

It doesn’t matter where we are this Christmas Eve.

Whether with our family or with strangers in Starbucks, (1) this is an opportunity to let down the barriers and send out the love.

I sometimes adopt the mental habit of blessing everyone I meet on Xmas Eve. That positions me, a hermit, to reach out on this day set aside for reaching out.

Xmas is the one holiday I know of where it’s socially sanctioned to smile at one another and extend a helping hand, the one holiday on which it’s OK to talk about love, fraternity, and equality.

I recently met a woman who makes it her spiritual practice to spread love everywhere she goes. I’d watched her before but I never “saw” what she was doing. Then I got a chance to see her at work. And I’m impressed. No, dazzled is the better word.

This is the season when we can all practice loving and it’s OK. At last at this time of year we agree that expressions of love are in order, across the board.

That Jesus was able to impact our society so much that, in his name, we’d let down the barriers to the expression of love among us at Christmastime is testimony to his timeless message.

I hear my meditation master say in my ear: Make best use of this time. Make best use of this meditation.

I want to say: Make best use of this Christmas to send out endless love endlessly, without partiality. I wish that outcome for all of us.


(1) As I have been on occasion in the past.


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