Hannah B: The Cruise Ship of Life

By Hannah B., Golden Age of Gaia

Guest Writer

What does it all mean?

Oftentimes, I find myself pondering life and what it all means. Why things happen the way they do, when they do and why they do.

Life is like a cruise ship. We’re all guests on this cruise ship called LIFE that originated from Home – and we’re all returning to the same final destination.

Guests reside on different levels of this ship based upon their chosen life lessons, experiences, and beliefs. Our ultimate goal while on this ship is to find the essence of God, who lives in us.

Sometimes the level we’ve chosen to live on feels good. It’s comforting and familiar. We have family around us sharing space, good friends, even co-workers and neighbors. We find some of these people are on lower levels, while others reside above us.

We become aware visiting the lower levels can certainly be challenging and uncomfortable. Some rooms are stuffy and have no view. Others have obstructed views, while others may occupy many people.

We may realize we no longer share the same beliefs or desire the same life choices as these folks and we decide it’s okay to just visit occasionally, if at all.

Even hanging out on the upper levels with friends and family sometimes feels challenging and uncomfortable to us for different reasons. Although, it’s more in alignment with who we want to be. We feel alive and free in this new energy!
We envision the day we can move to a new cabin on an upper level with a view and honor our soul’s spiritual growth.

Finally that day arrives! We awaken to the new possibility of moving our belongings to a new place. We choose to leave some things behind that no longer serve who we’ve become.

Some of our friends and family will celebrate this shift with us and they’ll choose to come with us; others won’t. And it’s all okay. A visit here and there will suffice. We all know in our hearts, nothing that’s loved is ever lost.

We’ve all heard the catchphrase: we are the creators of our own reality. What if this is true? What if we are the director and co-creator of our reality, as well? Meaning that we invite each other into our lives to assist us with our soul’s evolution.

We’re here to grow spiritual and expand our awareness and knowing. Reaching the top level of our cruise ship stimulates us. Our chosen friends, family members, and others we invite to act in our play assist us in refining our beliefs and faith in ourselves and in God.

What if we’re not here to save another soul? What if we’re only here to awaken to our own magnificence? To remember our holy divinity as a child of our Heavenly Father, saving ourselves?

We attract and invite others to assist us in reaching that goal by creating events and challenges that highlight those aspects of us which need to be healed and released.
By triggering us. The trigger’s meaning is that those who trigger us will show us where we do not honor ourselves by mirroring what is inside of us back to us. Everything held abundantly or lack thereof.

A cast member in our personally-created play may show up to nurture us by highlighting how we haven’t taken the time to nurture ourselves, or anger us by making us aware of an unresolved issue we’ve let fester in our life. Or even annoy us (where’s the annoyance that they’ve highlighted in you coming from?). Or to simply teach us through their words or actions sparking a remembrance deep within our souls.

Maybe they’ve left us, or loved us, or even broken our hearts, allowing us the opportunity to gather all those broken pieces back from random places or people, with love and forgiveness. Perhaps they’ll promise you something you think you need only to break that promise, or even hate you. There’s a gift in all of it.

No one can make us feel something that’s not already in us

What we see in others we see in ourselves. Therein lies the gift.

What if we have soul contracts (1) and we’ve actually asked these beautiful souls to highlight what doesn’t serve us and our authenticity and growth at this divinely-chosen time of our souls expansion?

What if our divine self trusted and respected these chosen souls to assist us in our growth out of deep love and reverence for one another before our incarnation to Earth?

Sometimes these gifts suck, and they’ll knock the wind right out of us! At other times we want to wrap ourselves in them never wanting to lose the feeling they light within us.

Actors come and actors go by design gracefully, happily, tragically, and joyfully.
We become conscious of the truth that life happens for us not to us. We are not victims of our circumstances. We create our circumstances. If we don’t like the script, we have the ability to change it and select other actors.

Sometimes we create life choices where we feel we’re flying high, ecstatic and giddy moving us up a level on the ship and other times we may choose to commiserate on the lower levels in a place of blame, sadness or even unworthiness. Sometimes we may even feel like an imposter in our own play living in the grayed space of the service stairwell in between levels, wondering how we got there and how we can move on.

Wherever we find ourselves, it’s okay. We’re right where we’re supposed to be on our journey

We’re always where we’re supposed to be! Doing exactly what we’re supposed to do. And we’re all giving it our best. Whatever that may look like. No one begins their day deciding to be mediocre. No one. We all give it our best.

We’re all Sovereign Beings.

This was a heart-opening experience for me when I came to this realization. I was able to forgive my father for not being the warm and loving dad I longed for and needed. I learned to appreciate he always gave my siblings and I his best.

It may not have been my best or even what I desired but he lovingly gave me what my soul required and asked for so it could grow by releasing feelings of inadequacy that no longer served who I was becoming. They pushed me to reclaim my divinity one broken or misaligned piece at a time.

My divine self remembered my father was also on this planet to experience his own soul’s growth and remembrance of who he was as a divine, sovereign child of God, just like me. He also loved and trusted me to assist him with his enlightenment, too.

Our messy relationship, and his words and actions allowed me the opportunity to love myself and empower myself in this lifetime by highlighting the discordant aspects of myself and releasing past lifetime karma and ancestral patterns of lack, abandonment, unworthiness etc. For this gift, I will always be grateful.

The Waves of Light that have been hitting our planet for over a decade now are ramping up tremendously. These Waves of Light are flooding our planet exposing all the dark energies and secrets that have been hidden as we can see in our media daily. Energies that are not of love and that are hidden in our own lives and also in the World are being exposed and brought to the light. All it takes is a crack to allow light in.

Darkness cannot exist in Light, but Light can exist in Darkness.

There is a beautiful gift in everything we’ve invited consciously or unconsciously into our lives. Most of what is happening around us has nothing to do with us, yet we tend to take it personally.

We are all being triggered by the collective energy swirling around us now. It’s not surprising this is happening in our Holy Season when friends and love ones gather. Remember to look for the gift and through the eyes of love. We are here to support each other on our journeys. What you judge in another you judge in yourself.

I invite you to notice these triggers. Treat them as a Gift from our Heavenly Father.
Who adores You.

What is Creator Source revealing in you? What do you need to give up, let go of, or release in order for you to grow to a new level on this wonderful and magnificent cruise ship of life?

We are all God’s magnificent Children!

May you shine in that remembrance and awaken to your divinity today.


(1) Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts – Awakening Your Divine Potential


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