Knowledge Does Not Automatically Equal Awakening: Take Action on What You Know


By Catherine Cates, Wake Up World

Being awake or conscious does not mean having a lot of knowledge about the universe, manifesting, psychic phenomena etc. You may well have such knowledge, but that does not necessarily mean that you are awake. It’s great to know about universal laws, but can you apply them? It’s interesting to know about angels, but does that help you wake up?

To lead a conscious life, you must be plugged, in present and in the flow. You must take what you know, and actually do something with it.

We’re Talking the Talk, Are We Walking the Walk?

But what is it that we actually already know? It’s easy to lose track of this. Many times, as I’m helping a client, they tell me they already know whatever I pointed out. Sometimes they almost argue with me. Gently I let them know that I’m here to support them and part of that is pointing out their incongruencies. They may be talking the talk, but are they walking the walk?

It can be hard to hear that because we can all talk a good game at times. We rationalize in our heads, “I know about law of attraction, I’ve got this.” But do you? Are you applying what you know or are you just talking about it?

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