Miracles Happen


By Sitara, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m writing about and sharing my recent experiences of “miracles.”

I call them “miracles” because, in our past, we didn’t think of our own creative power as real, and so these miraculous things that appeared in our lives were attributed to luck, fate, karma, or something else outside of ourselves.

As we awaken and embrace the fact that we really are one with All, our creator self steps forward and “miracles” occur.

I’m relating, in this three-part article, an account of the recent miraculous events in my life and the expansion, joy, wonderment, and deep, abiding gratitude it has brought in my understanding of what powerful creators we all are.


Part 1

I’m a retired person, barely scraping by on social-security payments and little else, not so different from a large number of Lightworkers (come on, REVAL).

I have a 20-year-old car that was 10 years old when I bought it. I chose it carefully because I wanted that car to last a long time, and it has been a trooper. It’s been safe, stalwart, and reliable…..until one day the “check engine” light came on.

I have an auto mechanic I’ve entrusted with this car since day one, so I called him. I told him my finances were pretty much nil and, to save me money, he sent me to a major auto-parts store and told me to ask them to run an electronic diagnostic on the car (which they do for free). I gave him the codes that the diagnostic generated and he told me that it was ok to drive the car at that time, but not too much and not for too long.

That was almost a year ago….

Lately the car was running rougher and rougher and I knew I had to do something very soon or do real damage. I sat in quiet meditation and communication and stated my intent to have the funds to bring my car back to total health and asked for partnership with All That Is for this creation.

I “heard,” or was inspired, to write up a Go Fund Me page for the funds to fix the car. Now, this was no trivial matter to Miss Ever Independent Me. It took walking away from self-judgement, doubt, and fear of the condemnation of others to reach out to the community with not only an open hand but also an open heart and be willing to receive. I set aside pride and Ego and did it.

I put up the appeal asking for the amount my mechanic figured it would take to bring my car back to perfect health. Within a week the Go Fund Me was fulfilled!! The community stepped up and had my back. I even received donations from people I didn’t know personally.

The repairs cost almost exactly what was initially proposed with a small amount left over which I put towards groceries and staples.

My car is now running perfectly and is a very happy camper. I think she even rides more smoothly.


Part 2

I have an ongoing heart issue, an arrhythmia. It’s been going on for a few years now. But, especially since my retirement three years ago, it has been affecting the health of the body more and more.

Over the last couple of years, Steve Beckow and I would commiserate on our tendency to be more and more fatigued and lethargic, attributing most to “Ascension symptoms.” When Steve’s progressed to the point of a mild heart attack and the requirement of a triple bypass, you can bet it got my attention.

I sat in deep contemplation, observing, from a higher perspective, my own experiences and the slow slide into failing health.

I knew I needed to find out exactly what was happening with my own heart; then I could proceed from that point. Again, finances were the major factor.

I have Medicare and the required supplemental insurance but I had chosen a very high deductible plan because I could not afford the large monthly payments low deductibles require. I had no money to pay medical bills.

I set my intent to have the assistance needed and asked for partnership with the Divine Mother. Here’s what happened.

I was grocery shopping recently and I ran into a sweet friend I had not seen for a while. We greeted each other with a hug and remarked how good it was to be together again.

Then the first thing she said to me was “you were in my dreams last night!! We were having a deep conversation but I don’t remember what we talked about.”

We continued our conversation, asking how each was doing health-wise and I told her about my heart concerns and worries about money to pay for diagnostics and care.

She said that I should check with our local hospital’s financial assistance program. She said that she is on their program with her own heart issues and that their cardiac care is wonderful.

If a person qualifies for financial assistance, the hospital receives the medicare and supplemental insurance payments and writes off the remainder according to a percentage scale depending on income levels. I was openmouthed as I had no idea this was possible.

When I got home I looked up the information on the web, downloaded the application form, and proceeded to gather the information the hospital required.

My car was in the shop at that time being repaired with the miraculous Go Fund Me experience, so as soon as I got my car back I drove to the hospital to drop off the required information.

When I checked in at the front desk, I expected to just drop off the paperwork, go home and have to wait for a reply. Instead the receptionist asked if I would like to talk to the representative right then! Of course I said YES!

I was sent back to the financial assistance office, met with the very sweet person in charge, and after about a 5 minute conversation where my paperwork was reviewed, I was approved!!

Not only was I approved, I was approved for 100%, which meant that I would owe nothing. Nothing. Nothing for in network office visits, tests, procedures, hospitalization if necessary, etc. Nada.

I was, again, in openmouthed amazement and tearful gratitude.


Part 3

In the meeting with the hospital financial-aid representative, I was informed that I needed to use the hospital’s care network in order to have the financial assistance. I said no problem since I had not been to a doctor for several years and did not have a primary care doctor any longer.

She sent me to the hospital’s care network website. I was instructed to choose a doctor from the lists of physicians who were currently taking new patients.

When I got home I went to the care network site. On that page there was a list of doctors who were taking new patients listed under several headings like Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Pediatrics.

All the doctors were listed under their specialties in black ink. When you put your cursor over the name you could see it was linked. When you clicked on the name the doctor’s profile came up with a photo, credentials, bio, and comments from patients.

All the doctors were listed in black ink…except one. And that doctors name was in purple ink. (1)

So, you think I was being shown something? I do. I clicked on the name and found a beautiful woman with a lovely countenance, very solid credentials, and an endearing way of communicating how she sees herself interacting with her patients. I had found my primary-care doctor.

Because I had to have a referral from my primary care doctor to cardiology I needed to see her first.

This was all taking place on a Friday. I called the patient appointment operator to set up my first appointment. I was scheduled for the following Monday, only three days away. I’m told that’s unheard of.

On Monday I had my first consultation with an Angel. I was treated like there was no other person on the planet and there was no other schedule or other patients to be seen. There was no sense of this Angel being rushed or in a hurry and the only thing she had to do that day was to understand everything about me, my body, and my history.

She ordered an EKG that was given immediately there in the exam room. She ordered complete blood work ups and all I had to do was go downstairs to the lab.

She scheduled me for a immediate follow up to go over the blood work in one week. She scheduled follow-up cardiology tests in two weeks and the initial consultation with a Cardiologist, which she picked, after the tests were done.

I have friends in the medical profession who have told me that, especially at this time of year, this very fast sequence of events just doesn’t happen. They are amazed. I’m not.

I feel The Mother’s hand in all of it. My hand in hers.

What I’ve learned from this amazing and awe inspiring few weeks is that in order to manifest, to create whatever we need or desire, we must drop our resistance, FEARS, disbelief, and old brainwashing and programming. We must take action steps consistent with our intention. We must be open to receive.

We are creator beings. When we surrender to our higher power, our higher Self and KNOW we are the I Am That I Am, miracles happen.


(1) “St. Germaine – Write Love Everywhere – Video,” August 5, 2017, at https://counciloflove.com/2017/08/st-germaine-write-love-everywhere/


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