Focusing on Behavior, not People: It’s Up to Us

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If the purpose of life is that we travel through lifetime after lifetime, slowly dispelling ignorance of our true identity until we fully and permanently realize that identity as the One;

If everyone – alive and transitioned, in form and formless, on this planet and on the countless others on which (and beyond which) life exists – is climbing Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness to this consummation;

If there is nothing – no life form, no apparently lifeless form – that is not God;

Then of what avail is it of us to look down upon or condemn any life form?

If we’re to build a world that works for everyone by Jan. 1, 2023, it cannot be on the foundation of looking down on some and not on others. It cannot be on the foundation of imprisoning some and raising others.

It cannot be on a foundation of “less than” or “me-or-you.”

It must be on a foundation of inclusivity.

And for us to maintain inclusivity, we must focus on undesirable behavior rather than on “undesirable” people or other life forms.

Pedophilia is undesirable. Exploitation of workers, denial of medical or dental care, tuition too expensive for all to partake in, a lack of homes for all are undesirable.

In the work that lies ahead of us, I’m tempted to hypothesize that our success will be directly proportional to the extent that we focus on behavior rather than people.

We tried the latter. In the Second World War, Jews were said by the Nazis to be undesirable – Slavs, Gypsies, homosexual, etc. The forces who held these views went down to defeat, even though at the outset the world had never seen forces, machines, or tactics like theirs.

At one point in the war, only Great Britain opposed this mighty force and yet it was defeated.

The persecution of people was not an idea whose time had come, but freedom was.

And so today, love, compassion, and peace are ideas whose time has come.

The Reval, NESARA, and prosperity for all are ideas whose time has come.

But you and I will have to animate them or show the world that humanity is not yet ready to liberate its world.

At this end of one age and beginning of a new, golden one, humanity’s lack of readiness will not stop the outcome – whose time has come.

But how much more glorious, how much more satisfying were we to show that humanity is indeed ready.

It is up to us. Choose a continuation of humanity’s warring history or demonstrate that we have the courage to let go of us-against-them to build a me-and-you world, a world that works for everyone.


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