4 Ways to Live in a More Conscious Way


By Paul Lenda, Wake Up World

The word “conscious” has nearly become a buzzword these days, meaning it has started being used in ways which drift from what it actually means. What does it actually mean to be conscious and live in a more conscious way? Here are just a few examples of what this means.

Be Deliberate in Your Thoughts, Words, and Actions

You can literally reprogram your DNA by what you say. Sound patterns, such as those seen in cymatics, are the blueprint of organized form. Whenever you say a word, you are creating the structure upon which something can manifest into more apparent form. This is why you should be deliberate with your thoughts and words.

Your actions are the end result of the reality creation process that started with a single thought. If you have a negative thought, it can then come out as a negative word, leading to a negative action, done either by you or someone else. We may all still get negative thoughts from time to time. However, if we become conscious that a thought will harm us or others, we can stop it in its tracks and replace it with a more constructive thought.

Avoid Doing Things Which Harm Yourself and Others

The Golden Rule is a lesson in oneness that has persisted throughout the ages. The reason for this is because of the fundamental nature of reality being one of an interconnected wholeness. Whatever we do to someone or something else, we are also doing to ourselves in some way. There are no closed systems in the universe. Everyone and everything affects everyone and everything else.

To be conscious is to be aware of how you affect all other sentient life. We cannot always avoid harming ourselves or others, but most of the time we can. It is up to us to stay mindful of avoiding the creation of suffering, no matter how opposed we are to someone or something. Instead of attacking what we don’t want, we should create what we do want.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2019/10/22/4-ways-to-live-in-a-more-conscious-way/


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