In the Beginning was the Stillness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I joked to a friend that she was the quintessential female (action) and I was the quintessential male (stillness).

And as I did so, I realized: I aspire to stillness.

And I notice – because I’m using my awareness and my heart to penetrate into stillness – that stillness is prior to the divine qualities.

Something is only a quality relative to something that’s not. If there are two men, we might say that one’s taller and one’s shorter. But if there’s only one man, it doesn’t make sense to call him taller.

The divine qualities are themselves therefore part of the realm of dualities. Stillness is prior to any qualities and prior to duality. Dualities recede and disappear in the presence of stillness.

Only from a place of balance – which implies stillness – does transformative, universal love come alive.

Stillness is prior to everything I can think of.

In the beginning was the Stillness. And then there was the Word. (1)


(1) Aum, the Mother’s instrument in creating and dissolving worlds.


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