The Exploration of the Divine States

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’d like to continue the discussion I’ve been having about the divine states.

We may find that we have to rewrite, relearn, and reprogram the way we “be with” them.

In my experience, they need to be recognized to be fully experienced.

It’d be as if bliss, love, peace, mastery, abundance, etc., were people passing by and, until we call out their name, they don’t turn and interact with us. They keep on going without us feeling a thing.

That’s exactly the way I encountered peace – as if it was a face I saw from a passing train. When I recognized it, it transmitted its experience of peace to me.

Bliss the same. I saw it as if it were a person standing perhaps ten feet away from me at a gathering like a party. It was passing me by but when I recognized it – it was almost as if I had said telepathically, “Oh, you’re Bliss” – it came into me and filled the inner space with itself.

Now where in a textbook could I read about this? Someone help me out please?

There’s no ongoing, serious discussion today of how to “be with” something like bliss or love or peace.

Perhaps until now we’ve had no ideas about how to access them.

Perhaps we think we need to meditate for years before we “realize” this state.

Perhaps we think this state is only for high yogis and ascended masters.

I predict that the time will come when we’ll have everyday discussions of subjects like bliss as more and more people experience them.

If we recognize a divine state and merge with it (not as hard as we’ve thought), we’ve just secured our future better than any insurance plan could.

We will have found – it turns out – precisely what we’ve always been looking for. We just didn’t know what it was. But now we do.

It turns out that the divine states are what we’ve always been looking for, the real treasure in life.  Any one of them affords a lifetime of delight.

Once found, once recognized, we’ll have found the switch and turned it on. After that, the divine state will be found to flow by itself, in and from the heart.

Now someone prove me right or prove me wrong – I don’t care which. But let’s get the exploration of these subjects underway.


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