A Little More to Go


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I hope my passing publicly through this redefinition phase is useful to you. It is to me.

There’s still a little more to go.

I noticed this evening that, in redefining myself, I only hurt if I threatened a self-image – such as by a loss of face, a loss of position, a loss of influence, etc.

If I’m attached to no self-image, I don’t hurt.

I discovered in looking at this that I did have a self-image I was protecting – that I was somehow an important person in the reporting of New-Earth events.

The minute I let that one go, the hurting stopped. Again the truth has set me free.

If I’m attached to a self-image, there’s clinging and avoidance, which anchor my consciousness to the lower densities. Only if my consciousness clings to or avoids nothing can it soar on a chanced-upon wave of bliss or love.

These difficult times are revealing ways in which I’ve been limiting myself, which I now have the opportunity to let go of. Thank you, upset. Thank you all for allowing me the space to “be with” these matters.


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