You Are Not Alone!

By Kari Ghanem,

How often do we try to convince ourselves that we must go through our challenges and struggles alone? We fight to keep it together and we put on a mask for the world in hopes when they see us that they too will be convinced of how strong we are, which in turn, feeds our projections of illusion.

Where does this concept and belief come from? Is it an outmoded way of thinking that has been passed down through generations only to be embedded within our very DNA so that it is a running program within our subconscious minds?

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Why do we feel as though we cannot be authentic in our human experience of life? Is it because we fear rejection and acceptance from our peers, family, friends or the society we live in? Yet by fearing others acceptance does that not shed light on the fact that we ourselves are rejecting who we are?

We are denying ourselves the birthright we have had since the beginning which is support from not only the Universe but from our tribe. Those that resonate with a similar frequency who incarnated at exactly this moment in order to remind you that you are not alone.

Remember this, at times we must reach out to others albeit God, angels, friends or family for assistance or a fresh perspective into what we are struggling with or resisting seeing. And by doing so, never think that this makes you weak, for you are not weak.

This is in actuality a sign of your growth and willingness to receive the blessings Creation is waiting in the wings to offer you. It shows your strength and determination to expand your consciousness into your higher Self.

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Now don’t get me wrong, there is a time for introspection and self discovery that we all must go through, in solitude or in our private moments. Yet, to hide your struggles or sadness while trying to project to the world that you’ve got it all together, is such a disservice to not only yourself but it cheats those that love you out of the blessing to be your support system.

Holding things in and denying them or disassociating from them does more harm than good. But to stand, head held high, in your most vulnerable moments while sharing all parts of your journey, now that is true strength and honest transparency. And to do it as you face your fear of exposure or fear of being seen as fragile or weak or as a failure, now this is where you begin to discover the magnificence of your true authentic Self and just how powerful you are!

So, just keep in mind, whenever you are going through your dark night of the soul and feel alone, as though no one could ever understand what you are enduring, look up and see your support team, your tribe, those that believe in you cheering you on!!!

Now go ahead…..look up and receive that which you deserve because you are needed and you are worth it!

About the author: I have had a passion for assisting others in awakening to their true divinity and potential most of my life. But most of the time I have remained behind the scenes due to being fearful of truly embracing my own gifts for fear of what others might think or how I would be viewed which, I know is counterintuitive to what my passion is for others. So I finally decided to take my own advice and step into the light! That is what has led me to now share my writings with you. I truly hope you enjoy and please to assist me in being the best writer I can be, send me your comments and also visit my Instagram @karis_musings for more inspiration!!

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