An Absence of Evil Intention

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

My short-term memory keeps getting shorter.

The other day, just a short interruption had me lose my train of thought. On another occasion, I couldn’t remember what I’d set out to do.

I’m OK with it if others are OK with it. It must be the Mother’s will because I serve her. If it’s her will that I become a brainless idiot, then I’ll turn it to good use.

I’ll design origami.

All kidding aside, there is a positive side effect, which is apparently why it’s occurring.

I’m being dragged, whether I like it or not, into the present moment.

Being in the present moment – or just being – is of two types – voluntary and involuntary. If one is in a state of being, consciously, and is apprized of and willing to pay the price, that to me is voluntary. That’s a state dearly to be prized.

If one has lost his short-term memory and has no other choice than to be, because there alone is the operative, that’s involuntary.

I’m in the moment because I have no other choice available to me from memory loss.

Michael says it’s not a health condition. They want me to leave Third Dimensionality behind and so took away my memory. Perhaps this is the only way I’d have made the leap, if I have.

Meanwhile, being in a state of being is like being washed up on a tropical paradise island. I’m here involuntarily. It’s like Ramakrishna said. I don’t have to have been ushered into the present moment by a chorus of angels. I can end up here from a health conditon and enjoy it nonetheless.

I’m looking around in amazement at where I’ve ended up. Somebody pinch me. This is wonderful.

Why doesn’t everyone rush to be in the moment?

Well, in my opinion, being can carry a high cost, which is why it’s not widely imitated.

By consciously choosing to be out of step with the group by just being, rather than becoming, we risk being considered a non-conformist at best and a traitor at worst.

We may have sentenced ourselves to a lifetime of having to explain to all and sundry why we’re not following society on this one.  We could become pigeon-holed as a sh*t-disturber or a complainer.

If there are many ways we’re not following society’s emphases and conditioning, we may end up being dismissed as a kook or seeking the solitude of the forest or a monastery.

As Sitara says, I don’t want to make any of those thoughts concrete.

I haven’t solved this one. Being is highly praised by all. I may have landed up here by accident but that doesn’t mean I’m asking to be anywhere else. But I’m also aware of the price that may have to be paid.

So the question becomes: How to “be” in this space and not pay a price?

Muno kokuru, I hear my karate sensei say: an absence of evil intention.


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