The Symbol of the Sun

The Father has left…

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

This is the second of two articles occasioned by reflection on a vision experience I had in 1987. (1)

Sunset is a very emotional time for me.

To understand why, I’d have to mention (again) the actors in the 1987 vision I had.

I knew who the actors in the vision were because I was bathed in bliss at the time.  Bliss brings all things to remembrance, so to speak. (2)

The first actor I saw was a large golden Sun and I knew that to be what Jesus meant by “God the Father.”

Out from the Sun came a little golden star and I knew that to be what some sages call the “Self”; Jesus, the Son, the Christ, the Pearl of great price; Hindus, the Atman and Brahman-within-the-individual; what I call the Child of God, etc.

Gosh, I get caught up in this so easily. Here I am, in the process of being swept away.

I need go no further with the vision than to jump to the penultimate scene.  The Child of God has experienced the first enlightenment and stands gazing at the Sun.

In the final scene, I watched the Child of God, the Christ, or Atman race to and merge itself again with the golden Sun from which it came. End of story for one Child of God.


I digress, I know. But please allow me. Writing about this is my joy.

So I got it. From God we came; to God we return. From God to God. All in aid of enlightenment, at which point God meets God. Everything I’ve just seen (in the spiritual tableau), the whole world of worlds the individual soul traversed was created in order to have these moments of divine meeting occur.

Some people tell us that we’re allowing illusion to reign. God created illusion in order to have the pleasure of meeting Itself. It isn’t as if there’s something bad and wrong about the illusion. It’s one of God’s highly-intentional, even basic creations.

God put it there to give us something to recognize and wake up to, so that God could see and experience Itself. How else could something that is everything know itself, than to create an illusory world in which fragments of itself, who agree to forget, follow lives that lead to the recognition of their true identity? And in that flash, God realizes Itself. Perfect.


The words roll off our tongue, but the implications are immense. If God is everything, then you are God. And so am I.

Therefore all of this unfolding is according to my Plan. And yours. And ours.

Everything on Earth that’s happening is happening inside of me.

Nothing the illusory part of me does has any lasting significance unless it contributes to its and the collective’s ultimate awakening.

God meeting God carries immense mutual benefits.

The implications just keep rolling out.


By the way, when would I have the time, courage, or ability to allow this unfoldment to occur in public if I had to do a nine-to-five job?  I don’ think I’d even attempt it. At a moment like this, I realize that I owe my ability to write this Ascension ethnography to you. And to go as deeply as I’m able.

I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude and bondedness. Not just from those who sent money.

I know what love feels like. Sending love, which really does reach the other party, is happily accepted.


To return to my original point, the sun sets directly in front of my apartment. And so it comes fully into view at a place in the sky where it’s safe for me to gaze at it.

What I see is the large Sun in my vision and I often talk to it as the Father.

I see myself, as in my vision, standing on the shore of the realm of matter (mater, Mother), and gazing at the Father in the Transcendental, represented by the Sun.

I’ve had the first enlightenment (fourth-chakra heart opening and sight of the Self), just as the little golden star in my vision had. That golden star then left the domain of the Mother, raced back to the Father, and merged with It.

I know our Sun is a portal. Last night I tried to get the Sun to extend that portal all the way to me and take me to the Father. Just like in my vision?

Ahhhh, not yet.

Smilingly, I’m still here.


(1) The actual vision is described here: “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

The first article in this series is “It All Works Out in the Final Reel (Repost),” August 17, 2019, at

(2) OK, OK, it doesn’t allow you to know what happened on June 13, 1867. But it greatly expands one’s knowing. I just “knew” the identities of the large golden Sun (the Father) the small golden star (the Child) and the cloud that contained lifetimes in matter (the Mother, mater, matter).


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