Step Into Your Personal Power Through the Breath Of Fire

By Michelle,

How often are you fully aware and conscious of the air you breathe in? Do you hold your breath when stressed or do you allow it to flow freely? Yoga and meditation are great tools to connect with this vital life force. The breath of fire is a method that serves as a tool to step into our personal power.

In times of over-stimulation and constant notifications, it is easy to slip from our daily practice. When we find ourselves in this space, anxiety can kick in making it hard to connect to our life’s path. In my personal experience, I suffered a splenic injury that required surgery. Upon surgical healing, I discovered kundalini and quickly learned the value found within the breath of fire. Implementing this technique into my practice allowed me to heal the energetic body that was affected from the physical injury.

The breath of fire is one of my favorites. It’s easy to do and can be done anywhere. The breath of fire is a rapid form of breathing done by contracting the abdominal muscles with every exhalation and releasing with every inhalation. The focus is on the abdomen and the rest of your body should remain still. When practiced correctly you will be able to continue this way of breathing for the intended amount of 5-15 minutes.

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Just as the external world is a direct reflection of our internal world, our physical bodies are a mirror of our energetic bodies. A weak solar plexus region will make the breath of fire more challenging, but it is important to push through in order to strengthen the area. A strong solar plexus is necessary when embodying your personal power.

Whether meditation is a part of your daily practice or not, practicing the breath of fire is a simple yet effective way to connect with your higher self.

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Breath of Fire Benefits

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These are just several of the many benefits the breath of fire provides when practiced daily. This strengthening exercise allows your energetic and physical body to work together when it comes to the “I do” aspect of your life. What do you hope to achieve?

It is advised pregnant and menstruating women do not practice the breath of fire. If you have any serious respiratory or blood illness, please consult a physician before practicing this technique.

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