A Point of Endless Renewal and New Beginnings


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

We could just skip to the final reel, if you like, and I could say to you, “Imagine being immersed in an Ocean of Love, stretching as far as the eye can see, in every direction.”

Because that’s where entering into the depths of the heart leads.

If you can simply imagine and enter into feeling identification with it (“feel your way into it”), then it should come alive for you. Or not. I have no certain idea.

Being immersed in an Ocean of Love, drowning all our sorrows in it, allowing it to revive every part of us is where all of this that we’re about leads, in my opinion.

Certainly for me, riding a wisp of love or bliss to the full experience of it is one way of entering into the state of Love and Bliss.

When we’re immersed in that Ocean of Love, there is no sin. There is no want or need. There are no harmful thoughts.

Every need is satisfied. Every sense is quiet. We’ve reached the end of the road with want and need.  We’ve reached the end of the road (period).

Turning in the other direction, we’ve reached a point of endless renewal and new beginnings. The ever-flowing artesian well of Love has been found to be in our very own hearts.


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