A Fresh Start: When the World Returns to Normal….


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

When the world returns to normal, and peace reigns on the planet again, I predict that there won’t be any more mass shootings.

A world returned to normal would divide resources equitably. There would be no grounds for the fierce resentments that arise because some people must live their lives in poverty and want, afraid of rape and murder, while most of us live in relative comfort and … well, safety. (1)

I know there are exceptions. But American society is thought of as affluent, regardless of the myth that that is. And no one can doubt that citizens of the war-torn Congo might not look upon America with envious eyes. And wonder why the world allows the war in their country to go on.

A world returned to normal – no, a world whose heart had opened – would not allow the conditions that prevail on the planet now to prevail. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, enslavement of women, child trafficking, organ harvesting from live donors, the list goes on and on. None of these would be permitted. They are not normal human practices. It simply takes us to wake up to see that.

I have a fantasy that the intergalactic wars ended when everyone had had enough and everyone forgave everyone. Everyone wanted a fresh start, a total reboot.

Whatever anyone needed they got. And the rest simply sat soberly and contemplated how it could be that life could have gotten so bad.

Children murdered at residential schools, women raped by soldiers, people beaten and imprisoned for protesting – how bad does it have to get before we, as a world, say: “We have had enough”?

We want a return to normal, a return to peace. That does not involve enslavement, trafficking, or other forms of domination.

It does not involve incarcerating people for profit.

It does not involve manufacturing wars through false-flag operations such as the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11.

It does involve the whole of society taking responsibility for the whole of society.

It does involve a basic and enshrined commitment to preserve the peace at all costs.

It does involve an awakening of compassion for the suffering of the world and committing ourselves to their care as THE major world project we take on.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is for me normal – the new normal.

Whatever you want to call the dance we did with each other previous to this, the new normal is the way of sanity, fairness, and peace.


(1) The cabal is doing its best to erode that sense of safety. But we know that we’re keepers of the peace. As the cabal loses influence and life returns to normal, I believe the mass shootings will end.

There is a time of departure, of separation, when the timelines for those who choose rape and murder will depart from ours. If I were planning the show, I’d make that time directly after the heart opening. In my opinion, the heart opening would offer recalcitrants their best chance to make the leap and come with us.


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