Our Fear of Control


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

In this article, I draw together various strands that I’ve been exploring over the last while, while focusing on the issue of control.

“Control” has long been a subject that invites fear and loathing.

Hitler wanted to control the world. Mussolini. Stalin.

Our parents want to control us. The government wants to control us. On and on our fears or fantasies go.

In the Sixties, “control” was a hated word. No control was tolerated.

And yet, at the same time, we do control things and ourselves.

  • I control the room temperature in my apartment.
  • I control my impulses.
  • I control my bowels.

So we do exert control over things and ourselves.

What I’m recommending is that we exert more control over ourselves to prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead.

In my view, we’re facing into a time that will see global abundance started as well as the first formal visitations of our galactic family to the planet in millennia. (1) As well, sudden events in Ascension like solar waves, also called planetary heart openings will sweep the planet.

That may send some people into shock and fear. The performance of our leaders at those times will be important.

Lightworkers will be our leaders in Disclosure, Abundance, and Ascension.

We’ll be called upon to mitigate the shock and fear these events may generate. If so, well, it’s my bias that it’d be easier to tackle these assignments from a place of feeling balanced and grounded – what I’ve called “normal” – than it would be otherwise.

That means that we need to exert control over ourselves. “Self-control” it was called years ago – by its proponents and opponents – self-command, self-possession

We need to take ourselves in hand and do the work needed to release our vasanas (core issues) if we’re to be ready to serve. And then we need to reparent ourselves in any areas where the answer is to stop what we’re doing. We need to deconstruct and reconstruct our constructed selves.

In the past month or two, I’ve been bringing myself under control. Control by whom or what?

Control by “I,” the Observer, the one who’s always present, no matter what occurs.

“I,” the Observer, is like a tunnel or portal connecting the various layers of density and refinement that “I” occupy, not all of them consciously.

I can be the Everyday Consciousness, or the Ego (which in Latin means “I”), Subsconscious, Unconscious, or the Self, and ultimately the One, Mother/Father God – whatever my awareness can fall upon.

The Observer is in charge of the entire production. Within it, given its infinite flexibility and creativeness, there are states of consciousness. I’ve been using the Adult and Child states of mind to make my point online. (2)

I, the Observer, removed the Wounded Child from behind the wheel of the car – the body/spirit complex – and tasked the Adult with driving from here on in.

I buttressed that change of drivers with vows of harmlessness and forgiveness and ended up, as a result of all this processing, feeling normal. I was free of my state of low-level misery that I’d lived in all my life.

In this work, it’s important to establish with ourselves and recognize that the Observer is boss – and the Adult is its deputized actor/representative in the realms of action.

The Observer needs to bid farewell to the old Third Dimension and all its ways. Goodbye to external control, but hello to internal control.

Krishnamurti often said – and I know I’m repeating myself – that liberation comes from knowledge of the ways of the self. I used to think he meant “Self.” But, no, he means knowledge of the ways of the small-s self – usually as the Wounded Child – manipulation, subversion, sabotage, attack, etc.

Awareness undermines our ability to use these strategies.

If we put in their stead reparenting ourselves to ways that uplift, inspire, and ennoble, then we start to wean ourselves from any remaining need to control anyone but ourselves.

Whoa! He favors the normal, which is not sexy. And he’s actually arguing for a measure of control.  Wow. Yes, I am. Way uncool, man. Get yourself a job.

This isn’t the Sixties. This ain’t even the Piscean Age of the Sixties.  This is the new millennium and a new Age of Aquarius. And in this age of world-shaping events and Ascension, what’s needed from lightworkers are people who can take the lead in building Nova Earth because they’ve dropped their issues and have command over themselves.

Not saying I’m there yet. Not by any stretch of my over-active imagination. But that’s my aim and intention.


(1) See Steve Beckow, “Archangel Michael: What Happened to Civilization in 1200 BC?,” Golden Age of Gaia, November 24, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/11/24/290782/

(2) I credit Eric Berne and Transactional Analysis for the notion of Parent/Child/Adult “ego states.”


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