August 2019 Energy Forecast : Say YES! Unlocking A Spiritual Initiation

By Nicole Frolick,

August gets a jump start from the recent Black Supermoon.

There’s a reason why all of the energies are stimulating us with sudden creative ideas and a sense of urgency to put it all into action. In August, we will be strongly guided and influenced to finally say YES to a passion or desire very close to the heart.

But it’s not simply about manifesting more heart based goals. It’s also about the opening of the heart that unlocks a spiritual initiation for many!

Be mindful of the fears that will surely pop up just as you are making progress and headway! Don’t let the ego be the driver this month. You have too much to accomplish and be proud of.

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Light and love to you on this beautiful human journey,


About the author: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you’re looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at for more information. To learn more please visit

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