When Our Inner Capacities Begin to Unfold


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

A side of myself was reawakened the other day that I never knew I had. And the instant it was reawakened, I began to draw on its skills.

The incident is not as important in its particulars as it is of an illustration of how hidden abilities can be revealed and reinvigorated … well, not in an instant perhaps, but in very short order.

I need to give some background. As a result of a question Kathleen posed to me, I began to search among the old tapes of InLight Radio shows.

As a result of the research, I saw there were gaps in our archives. It awoke a side of me that has worked professionally and voluntarily as a Historian, Archivist, and Configuration-Management (CM) Administrator.

What these professions share is a willingness to prevent record loss or inaccessibility through technological obsolescence or any other factor – water, fire, whatever. Their service involves guessing at how destruction could happen and preventing it.

As I researched our holdings, questions began to arise in my mind.

Good Lord, how old are these files? Where are they kept? What arrangements have we made to rerecord them to preserve accessibility?

Is anyone preserving a software/hardware workstation (like this very laptop I’m working on plus external hard drives) from which these files will always be accessible?  On and on the questions came.

We don’t have any videotapes of the Divine Mother speaking, obviously. So audiotapes of these teachings are the next best thing and will probably be very much used in later historical presentations. Hence my interest in preserving them.

The urgency of the matter did not fully strike me until Linda spoke recently about files that went back 8 or 9 years. For some reason the penny dropped at that moment. I knew it intellectually up till that point, but now I got it experientially, in my gut: Are we sure that we can open seven or eight-year-old files?

And my resolve kicked in. From that moment on, I began to operate as a CM pro.

I began a spreadsheet and had to make decisions about nomenclature that hopefully might have some shelf life. I began to record information on the audiotapes that we actually have on the blog, searched my hard drives for others, contacted past personnel, on and on the decisions began to pour out.

This is not about audiofiles, which I will find and put under configuration management.

But it is about a whole vein of skill and talent just waiting to be remembered and invoked. Until that time, I was not consciously aware of the thrust or knowledge of all three occupations – Historian, Archivist, and CM pro.

I think this episode of reawakening talents suggests what will be happening to us and what it will feel like when our own capacities from our higher states and past lives begin to come online.


(1) GD is back in the work force and does not want to be identified.


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