A Return to Normal: Have We Explored It?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Can you see the trend of where my own journey of “reparenting,” my Ascension ethnnography is going?

Well, from my perspective, where it’s headed is a return to normal.

Remember the enlightenment intensive where I cleared an absolutely-mammoth vasana or core issue, only to find myself feeling … blissed out? No. Filled with love? No. Totally normal.

Normal. Can you imagine my surprise? This is not sexy. (1)

To uncover the trend, let’s recapitulate. Clearing vasanas. Stopping unproductive and unwholesome patterns. Raising underlying motivations or interests to awareness. Bringing a way of being to a halt.

In the space created, feeling isolated. Awakening to states like happiness and self-validation. Smiling at others. Stopping harmful actions. My behavior and my experience are shifting.

I look down the road and I see that the next stop on this journey is relaxation. And after that, the destination: A full return to normal.

I can see it coming.

Isn’t that a bitch?!

I thought – and maybe you thought – that this would have me take off like a hot-air balloon.  “Look at me! I’m ascending!”

No way, José.  The end of this particular road – this scenic detour, as Michael calls it –   lies in a simple return to normal.

But you know what saves the situation from you falling off your chair, laughing?

Normal + Love = Fifth Dimension.

From my visits to the higher dimensions and experience of the transformative love that one is immersed in there, I assert that what would be to us “normal” is the way they live.  Normally.

There’s no drama. There are no games. There are no ulterior motives.

Without us having tasted that love … which I think sages have called ambrosia, nectar, aqua vitae (the water of life), the fountain of youth, etc. … it’s difficult to imagine what life is like there.

If one has experienced it definitively even once, it’s immediately clear why their life is the way it is. Of course. It’s obvious. What more does one need than this love? All desire and concern disappears. “I have the real treasure in life. THIS is IT.”

Why compete? Why be unpleasant? Why do anything but help in some way?

Perhaps “normal” is like the treasure box that Eckhart’s beggar was sitting on. He never looked inside and so he never knew it contained gold.

Perhaps “normal” embraces balanced, innocent, and pure. Perhaps “normal” is the Higher Self. Perhaps “normal” is the way this one is supposed to function to give greatest scope to the One operating the vehicle.

Has anyone explored it? (2)

“Normal” is, in my opinion, a strong enough foundation to build a new society on. And I’m fully aware that free will must reign and individuality is to be treasured.

I’m not recommending conformity or uniformity. I’m talking about taking ourselves in hand and agreeing to settle our differences peacefully. I’m talking about setting boundaries and commanding ourselves to observe them. What happens after that is up to us.

If we restore life to “normal” again, I think we’ll find it to be the new zeropoint, the place where real change occurs. It’s where my life has led. Every time peace has been declared in the world, for a brief time people experienced life as normal again.

In the space of normal, life just is.

I declare that the restoration of peace on this planet will come naturally as a result of our return to “normal” thoughts, words, and behavior.


(1) Or maybe it’s the New Sexy.

(2) Normal behavior would mean foreswearing the resort to violence except where the maintenance of law and order requires it. It’d mean respecting the human rights of others and submitting disagreements to mediation. Dropping our culture of violence in favor of a culture of love.

And much more.


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