“The Basement Office” on UFOs, Episode 3

What’s noteworthy about this series on UFOs is that a mainstream news outlet – the New York Post – is putting it out. We’ll post other parts of this series.

This is all of the six-part series we’ll be posting. For the rest, go here:


The boilerplate reads:

In episode 3 of “The Basement Office” the New York Post’s Steven Greenstreet sits down with Nick Pope to discuss the latest UFO sightings and the frightening modern day craft, the black triangle. Is there a Department of Defense cover-up? We speak with witnesses of mass sightings in various locations across the country including the Hudson Valley, New York, and Phoenix, Arizona. Nick reveals why the government downplays such events and offers his take as to whether or not another big wave of UFO sightings is on the horizon.


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