Not Every Day Needs To Be a Happy Day


By Hilde Larsen, Wake Up World

We are all humans, seekers, so impatient and eager to feel the buzz. To experience what I believe is at the core of our every desire. -Happiness.

Yet LIFE happens to all of us.

The life that doesn’t feel like happy at all. Bringing days where all you want to do is to crawl back under the covers, or weeks you want to delete from the calendar. Oh yes, been there.

Now, the challenge is to stay GRATEFUL when life hits you like a truck from behind. When you feel everything just piles up. When one thing happens on top of another, and it feels like enough is enough. When your life is showing you where to look, the challenge is to do so without resistance. Allowing the crappy to give meaning and nurture growth.

One of the experiences I learned the most from, were my darkest times. And I say times, as there are more than one.

I used to run from them, to see if I could skip having to FEEL what was going on. Or maybe I could forget or have a cognac like my Doctor used to say. Yeah, that was my Doc. We were the perfect match. 😀

I have had my share of walking through darkness, believe me, crying my eyes and heart out for what felt like years. Lost and struggling, searching for one thing: How the heck to feel better and get my life back!

I felt so deprived. Irritated and angry, helpless, hopeless and lost. Sure, I did, I mean, when you have had to give up your business, when friends stop calling, no knocking on the door, no immediate family support, you KNOW what lost feels like. You know not all days are happy.

What I DID understand fairly quickly though was that I was not a victim, I was the solution. Yes, I was the key to everything. Good, bad, ugly and magnificent. First and foremost, in my mind. In my way of thinking and feeling. In my way of acting, my faith or lack thereof. My outlook, my spiritual connection and my willingness to change. All me. Painfully me.

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