6 Life-Changing Breathing Techniques


By Hilde Larsen, Wake Up World

Changing how you breathe can foster the self-healing powers of your body.

“Are you a shallow breather also? There are a few obvious ways that you can tell, so get to it and find out. Lie down and put one hand on your chest and the other one on your abdomen. Breathe like you usually do and watch your hands. Breathe normally. If the hand on your chest raises first, you are a shallow-breather, of the one on your abdomen raises first, you are a deep-breather.

By spending time alone with our breathing, we will start to experience ourselves as more than this physical body. It is the simple way to start any meditation practice, to simply be aware of the breath. Once we become a part of our breath, or breathing, the mind loses its grip, and stillness can come forth.

This way, even the subconscious mind will start to dissolve its thought patterns. This in itself is a major key to why conscious breathing is healing on all levels. The breathing might open a flow of emotions and feelings, as you are able to really connect with them. Keep breathing and know that it is all good. It is all as it should be, you, your breathing, your healing and your future life.”

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I am a great believer in diligence and persistence, and a follower of discipline as a great tool for manifesting growth and awareness. A consistent practice will give you real results, and by learning these breathing practices and implementing them on a daily basis, you will build muscle and find the ones you like the best.

Here is a list of what you will need:

  1. The space for your breathing practice. A quiet room with a matress or a bed.
  2. A mind that is quiet and rested. Get your calendar all situated and your diet in place.
  3. Make sure those around you, if you do not live alone, honor your space this week.
  4. 30 minutes of designated time.
  5. Find a breathing outfit that is light in color. Preferably white, and very comfortable. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen is best.

Complementary focus:

  1. Reduce your stress level. I recommend making it a top priority.
  2. Zero focus on you having a body that is anything but healthy and beautiful.
  3. Absolutely no task or appointments that makes you uncomfortable. This is about allowing the breath of your future health.
  4. Be mindful of your breath during the day.

“Breathing deep supplies more oxygen to all our body parts including our digestive system, thus making it work more efficiently. The increased blood flow due to deep breathing also encourages intestinal action which further improves your overall digestion. In addition, deep breathing results in a calmer nervous system, which in turn also enhances optimal digestion.”

#1 This is referred to as the Lion`s Breath (Simha Pranayama):

Lion`s Breath is a powerful breath in the upper chest and throat. It cleanses out toxins, and is good for the throat chakra, and the thyroid.

Lion’s breath is performed by starting in simhasana then lowering the jaw to open the mouth wide, stretching the tongue out and curling it down. The gaze is toward the sky. The muscles at the front of the throat contract and a forceful exhalation is made with a roaring “haaaa” sound, feeling the air pass over the back of the throat. This can be repeated two or three times.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2019/07/05/6-life-changing-breathing-techniques/


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