As Good as It Gets

The Self resides in the heart; love flows when the heart aperture is open Credit: Ute Possega Rudel

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Happy Fourth of July to our American readers!

The suspicion is creeping up on me that all that anyone who is at all winning in life wants is love and the divine qualities that are simply the forms of love.

By “winning in life” I mean emerging from victimization (I’m the slowest of the lot), aware of some of their major vasanas and conditioned or programmed behavior patterns, able at times not to project them onto others, willing to communicate around “their work,” willing to be responsible for their actions, etc.

So they’re not causing harm and they’re seeking the Light.

When we seek the bliss of orgasm, the high of drugs, the thrill of adventure, I think we’re simply seeking love.


Having known the higher-dimensional love we seek, and the bliss and peace that are outgrowths of it, I agree with the Buddha that they’re worth throwing away kingdoms for.

And unconsciously but persistently we design our lives to experience as much bliss and enthusiasm as we can consistent with what Hindus might call our householder responsibilities.

Unlike past generations who went off into the forest, we’re walking the spiritual path from within society. We’re doing it serving rather than meditating. Such is the nature of the times and our agreements to serve.  (1)

We’re building Nova Earth but does that mean we cut ourselves off from love? Well, I hadn’t really considered the question.

Give me a sec to breathe into love while holding the concept of building Nova Earth….

No. Building Nova Earth is like setting the table for Love upon her return to Earth.  It’s like our coronation gift for when Love takes up her reign on Earth again. As it was in the beginning.

Building Nova Earth is our service to Love. It’s an act of love.  Service and love are indistinguishable.

I can’t serve Michael without loving him. Otherwise it’s not service. It could be any of a hundred other things.

I serve the Mother because I love the Mother.  I see no way of distinguishing where service ends and love begins.

But here’s the thing about love. For the most part, we don’t get it from other people. OK, so we do somewhat. But the veritable gusher, the artesian well, the fountain of youth is in our very own hearts. Archangel Michael said:

“It begins and it ends with – it always comes back to – the heart. You know this.” (2)

Yes, I do.

Love flows up from our hearts and out to the world. We get to experience love [here it comes] as it flows through us. So we get it in giving it.

Serving Gaia and the Mother by restoring the planet to mark the return of Love to Earth causes love to flow up from my heart and out. I’m the beneficiary: I experience it as it flows through me and out.

That for me is an accurate description of the way love works, despite what 99.99% of our love songs say.

That is not to say that a person can go on giving love forever without it being returned and not drop from the effort. That also is true. There has to be some reciprocity for a relationship to work (think grease on the wheel).

The simplest way to experience as much love as we can is to breathe love up from our hearts on the inbreath and send  it out to the world on the outbreath. That makes us the conduit of love, able to experience it as it passes through us.

Until the dam breaks and the tsunami of love sweeps us away, drowning us in an Ocean of Love, this experience of the flow of love is as good as it gets.


(1) The nature of the times = The demands of Gaia and her inhabitants during their Ascension. Our agreements to serve = We’re here because we agreed to play a role in Earth’s Ascension. I’m a communicator and wear several other hats. What brings you bliss is likely what you came here to do.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 21, 2018.


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