Junk Food Is PERMANENTLY Killing Men’s Fertility: Study

By Jason Erickson, Natural Blaze

There are many compelling theories for the reduction in fertility that is currently being recorded in both men and women. It’s actually a broad-spectrum onslaught with an abundance of scientific study:

A brand-new alarming study lays blame at one of the other affects of modern society: the proliferation of low-cost and readily available junk food.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about what researchers have found is that consumption of junk food in childhood can irreversibly cause later damage to men’s fertility.

This is one of the first studies to examine those in their formative years in order to seek out clues about declining male sperm counts that continue to be discovered.

From The Telegraph:

A groundbreaking investigation has established that teenagers who favour high-fat and processed foods like pizzas, chips and snacks are killing off sperm-producing cells that can never be replaced.

The above article was quick to note that “a diet dominated by fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit is best is for protecting those cells and ensuring healthy levels of sperm.”

You can see some of the other solutions — such as Lady’s Mantle and Zinc — in our archives to combat the environmental and other unseen affects upon our hormones and fertility.

It seems that it is never too early to put children on the right path toward pursuing a healthy lifestyle while doing our best as parents to make wise choices about other external risks that we can avoid.

Jason Erickson writes for NaturalBlaze.com. This article (Junk Food Is PERMANENTLY Killing Men’s Fertility) may be republished in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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Image credit: Pixabay


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