Personality and Behavior


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Everything about me that could be called a “personality” or a “character” I create. And I have to create it again and again, daily, hourly, because if I don’t create it, to all effects, it isn’t there.

There are things that I was emphasizing yesterday which I’m not emphasizing today.

This is a good time to mention: My articles are not all in chronological order. Sometimes red-hot news interrupts the publishing schedule. That can throw off the ability to schedule.

So please don’t approach my articles as if they are an unfolding narrative in tight chronological sequence. That’s the case about 70% of the time; in 30%, I’ve had to juggle.

Thank you. I feel lighter having communicated that.

If I don’t emphasize those things today, it’s as if they cease to exist until I re-create them again in some way and connection.

I think we think that “personality” and “character” are continuous. I don’t think they are. Creatures of habit that we are, we buy, just as if we were at a department store, certain lines of behavior. Ironically, those, I think, prove to be more enduring than our “personality,” which changes from day to day.

Lines of behavior persist but the reasons for resorting to them vary.  It’s as if we search around for any convincing reason – a value, a principle, a trauma – to justify the behavioral response we decided on long ago. We just keep reacting and reacting and reacting in the same habitual way – and justifying it.

That is a vasana, for sure; a core issue, a deeper motivation.

We think of our “personality” as a repository of traits and values. I think that’s what it should be.  I’d like to see it become our spiritual resume – like our aura is – again.

Our 3D thinking pays no attention to the personality and it gets what it wants by relying on lines of behavior, approaches, strategies.

It has the moves. It knows what to say. It knows how to close the deal.

The values of the personality are bent, after the fact, to the service of habitual behavior patterns.

Our 3D thinking is almost-exclusively concerned with its own survival and the survival of everything with which it identities.

Its 3D view is that life is a struggle for survival in which only the fittest survive.  Historians and Sociologists call this view  Social Darwinism.

On the one hand, the lines of behavior, strategies, and approaches, insofar as they are bent in the service of manipulation of others and gratification of the self, need to be let go of. We need to just stop. There’s no need to put anything in their place.  Just don’t keep doing them.

On the other hand, acting according to divine traits invites enlightenment.  And divine values won’t lead us astray. So I have no objection to “personality.” I do have on objection to behaving as if life is a struggle for survival.

I’ve spent time on higher dimensions. (1) Never have I encountered such an idea as Social Darwinism. I think they’d be mildly amused if I asked. Only love, bliss, and peace are being shared in those environs. No hatred or even mild displeasure.

When you float on your back in a pool, all your attention goes to seeing that water doesn’t go down your mouth and nose, right? When you’re immersed in an ocean of love, all trace of care and concern disappears from you. Everything dissolves in love – worry, hope, and fear; vasanas and ego.

AND that kind of love satisfies every need and want.  There’s no downside to it and no end to the upside.

When you exist in an ocean of love in which no thought of harm could possibly arise, you become very much aware that you co-created this environment.

And so have – and are – numberless others, co-creating this very 5D atmosphere in which all want and need disappear.

Being permanently immersed in this higher-dimensional ocean of love is total release. (2)  It is mukti, moksha, and Ascension.


(1) In the spiritual experiences I call the Silver Bullet, 7th-Dimensional experience of doing without doing at Vipassana meditation retreat, the 1987 vision, 2015 4th-chakra heart opening, 2018 sight of the Self at Xenia, etc., all temporary  glimpses only.  In the Silver Bullet, a moment of love collided with a realization about the nature of light. The crossroads of light and love. I ended up knowing without the shadow of a doubt that I was God but could not remember the name of the body.  The experience faded within an hour.

(2) I just spent some time in it and then lost the connection, which is normal before Sahaja Samadhi.


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