Real Men Don’t Cry

Real men don’t cry

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

There’s a meme that says that real men don’t cry.

Real men don’t complain.

And real men don’t accept charity.

A real man is a good provider. He gets the job done without complaining. And he never lets his feelings interfere with his duty.

You can laugh. You can snicker. But even when I raise these precepts to awareness, their hold on me is still quite strong, at a less than conscious level.

They exist as taboos for me.

When I think of throwing them out, I almost fall over in a fit of dizziness. Do I really want to step outside the stereotype of a real man in our society?

Another core issue: Maintaining the image of a “real man.”

Letting go of such powerful programming seems a daunting task. And yet I know I need to do it as part of reparenting myself and to meet the Arcturians’ challenge of mastering every thought and feeling.

For now let me raise these precepts to awareness and allow them just to be there – in the forefront of my awareness.


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